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Domestic violence and celebrities

Scott Drake interviews California Superior Court Judge Eugene Hyman.

Domestic violence plagues many households in the world.  Victims can be men or women.  Men are generally the first to be blamed as they are physically stronger than women.  But there have been cases of women charged with domestic violence as well.

Hollywood is not protected from this violence.  Just earlier this month Elin Nordegren was suspected by many sources to have attacked her husband Tiger Woods with a golf club in response to allegations that he had a mistress (Rachel Uchitel).  We all know how that has turned out; Woods denied the allegations and the family moved into counseling to help him work through a possible sexual addiction.

If you read about domestic violence against men you will find that most cases never get reported.  Men are less likely to admit that a woman got the better of them.  Often times; pride stands in the way for the truth to be told.  many cases are thrown out of the courts because it is found that the woman was the aggressor and the man was only defending himself.  Perception is always faulty because it is filtered in the person's mind.  The saying that there is three sides to every story rings true in many cases.  That is not to say a person should keep quiet about domestic violence in their household.  It should be reported (whether the victim is male or female) so the aggressor can get the help they need. 

'Two and a Half Men' fans have heard about Charlie Sheen's stay in an Aspen jail over Christmas.  Reports that are still filtering in the media say that the couple has been having problems since the birth of their twins.  His wife Brooke Mueller was renting a home in Aspen and Sheen flew in to spend the holidays with the family.  They got into an altercation and the police were called.  Latest reports from TMZ show that Mueller was legally drunk and Sheen was not.

Earlier this year Chris Brown was charged with domestic violence against now ex girlfriend Rhianna.  That story was recently brought back into the limelight with interviews from both Rhianna and Brown on primetime television.



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