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Diana Mercer—Making Divorce Work


MakingDivorceWork-200x300This was a big year for big money, big celebrity divorces from Tiger and Elin to LeAnn Rimes, Sandra Bullock, Christina Aguilera, and now what looks like Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. And of course there was John and Kate plus 8 and all there hate. So, divorce attorney and expert Diana Mercer, founder of Los Angeles Peace Talks and author of ‘Making Divorce Work: 8 Essential Keys to Resolving Conflict and Rebuilding Your Life,’ has found a way for people to get divorce help without spending a fortune on therapy and lawyers, read her book. Her book gives practical advice to all on dealing with the legal and emotional issues, ending marriages harmoniously, ways to resolve conflict even if one spouse won’t cooperate, and most importantly staying sane. After 20 years of practicing divorce law, this lady knows what’s up. The book hit stores December 7th.

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Reader Comments (2)

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My book is all about my own personal experiences with divorce and how I was able to see the upsides in my second chance at life which helped me to make a GREAT recovery. You can do it too!

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My book has a more positive approach to divorce recovery and also goes further about how to make a happier and more enjoyable life after divorce.

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I’m sure most, if not all of those who buy, will find some good help in my book.

My ISBN is 978-1-4196-9304-5. I also have a workbook version that could be used for support groups.

If there are other people you think I should contact or those who may want to contact me, please let me know.
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Again, Thanks for a chance here to help someone.
Brian Daniel

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December 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBrian Daniel
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