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In a rare ruling, judge finds former San Jose murder suspect factually innocent

Santa Clara Superior Court Judge Eugene Hyman, a frequent LBN guest,  exonerates a man of murder then defends a colleague in a candid commentary on the judiciary. You will find his ruling and comments in the following article.

(Tracey Kaplan, Mercury News) A San Jose man has been deemed factually innocent of murder in a rare ruling by a judge who stressed the importance of an outspoken judiciary — even in the face of blistering criticism of a fellow judge by prosecutors.

Over the objections of the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office, Judge Eugene M. Hyman found that Ramon Vasquez had nothing to do with the fatal shooting of Rogelio Silva two years ago.

But the judge didn't just take the extremely rare step Tuesday of exonerating Vasquez, 29, who spent five months behind bars. Hyman also made remarkably candid public comments about the judiciary and defended Judge Andrea Bryan, the target of a recent boycott by prosecutors that began in late January after she ruled against them in a molestation case.

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