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Kathleen Wu "4 Things Every Recent Female Law Grad Needs to Learn"


Andrews Kurth partner Kathleen Wu's article in the Texas Lawyer discusses the sacrifices some women inevitably make when choosing a legal career. Many are able to manage both work and family successfully, but others find the work all consuming. Wu manages to add a dose of reality to graduates in today's economy and emphasizes, among other things,  the need for balance between work and family.

"To the women of this year's law school graduating class, I say, congratulations! Hard work and perseverance have meant graduating during one of the worst economies in recent memory. Those who are really lucky hold offers from firms or legal departments with salaries that will enable repayment of law school debt. The merely fortunate received offers paying enough to make a dent in those student loans, although they will drive their old cars for the foreseeable future. Those for whom things have not gone as well -- and they are far from alone -- still are trying to find jobs."


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