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New York Times Law School Economics Article: Elie Mystal

A recent article featured in the New York Times written by David Segal entitled "Law School Economics: Ka-Ching!" discusses rising tuition costs for law schools and the inability for recent law grads to find quality jobs. The article suggests that American law schools are unique in being able to maintain demand even in a struggling labor market.
Above the Law's Editor In Chief Elie Mystal says "as long as the federal government makes educational loans easy to obtain regardless of the borrower’s likelihood of default, then law schools are going to keep doing what law schools do."

Mystal also says the students themselves must bear some of the blame..."If you haven’t been paying attention to how law schools operate, the Times article is very, very good. It should be required reading that they send to you when you sign up with LSAC. But even if you have been paying attention, you should still read it. The article, by David Segal, contains a brilliant case study of just how New York Law School goes about generating cash. It’ll make good people sick to their stomachs.

But while the Times takes a critical look at law school deans and university presidents and even U.S. News, one constituency escapes the NYT’s glare: law students themselves…"

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